Erowa's Robot Easy 800 Transfers Workpieces Weighing 1,760 lbs

Erowa has expanded its Robot Easy line of products for machine tool loading and unloading with the Robot Easy 800 capable of transferring 800 kg (1,760 lbs).


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Erowa Robot Easy 800

Erowa’s Robot Easy 800 is capable of transferring workpieces with a maximum weight of 800 kg, a maximum diameter of 850 mm and height of 1,000 mm. A compact design and high configurability are said to make the model a cost-effective option for automating a production cell. 

The workpiece magazine can be configured with up to 12 magazine positions with the Erowa MTS 400 workpiece carrier pallets (400 × 460 mm). The magazine plates can be rotated, which makes it easier to fit palletized fixtures and tombstones with workpieces directly in the Robot Easy 800{s magazine. The maximum magazine capacity is 7.0 tons.

The monobloc design requires 20 square feet of floor space. If production needs change, functions and magazine positions can be adapted to suit the new requirements.

The stable transfer axis has a reach of 2,000 mm from the device’s outer edge. This leaves sufficient space for manual work on the machine, according to Erowa. The robot can serve machine table heights between 765 and 1,200 mm.


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