Five-Axis Laser Welding Machine

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The VZ2 high-performance, three-dimensional multi-axis laser welding/cutting system offers speed, accuracy and flexibility to users across a wide range of complex laser applications, the company says.

Welding and cutting heads on the VZ2 can be exchanged within fifteen minutes. The high-power welding head has a reflective parabolic mirror system for optimized welding performance. This CO2   laser-welding head enables non-contact welding with no magnetic field effects and stronger welds. For cutting, a five-axis standard offset head has been optimized for cutting a wide range of materials and thicknesses. A thick-plate cutting head, with capacitance height sensor, cuts up to 0.75” mild steel.

The VZ2’s laser energy is directly transferred to the welded area to realize the high-speed welding capabilities. The machine’s Windows-based control system provides an easy-to-use interface while optimizing welding accuracy, the company says.


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