Five-Axis Machine Line Delivers High-Accuracy Features for Aerospace Work


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Mitsui Seiki’s Vertex 55X II line of machines expands on the Vertex 550-5X line. Six models comprise the series, featuring linear XYZ axes measuring 550 × 600 × 500 mm (21.7" × 23.6" × 19.7"). The machines’ ultra-high accuracy package makes them well-suited for tight-tolerance die/mold work, aerospace and energy applications, and other high-precision component applications. Traditional machine warmup time is virtually eliminated, which significantly increases production in demanding precision jobs, the company says. Positioning accuracy in the X, Y, and Z axes is 0.001 mm (0.000040"), ±6 arcseconds in the A axis, and ±4 arc seconds in the C axis.

The company offers a 30,000-rpm spindle with the Vertex 55X II in addition to the 15,000- and 25,000-rpm choices. According to the company, users can take full advantage of the machine’s acceleration and deceleration characteristics and high-speed machining functions. An HSK 80-taper spindle connection (for those requiring more heavy-duty machining) is available as an option to complement the existing HSK 63- and 40-taper tool interfaces.

The line includes several configurations based on table sizes and types from 225 (9") to 400 mm (15.7") in diameter. A choice of rotary-axis drive systems (high-torque geared type or direct-drive) is also available.

A cast iron bed provides an ultra-rigid and thermally stable machine structure for machining accuracy. The machine’s “box-in-box” design provides good rigidity, stiffness and agility. All Mitsui Seiki machines have hand-scraped guideway mounting surfaces for high volumetric accuracies.

These machines are also available in the company’s B series of high-speed, five-axis VMCs dedicated to turbine blade production.


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