Gage Enables Accurate In-Process Measurement

The Heidenhain-Specto ST 3087 RC gage has a special housing for in-process measurements.

The Heidenhain-Specto ST 3087 RC gage has a special housing for in-process measurements. In the plunger’s rest position, it houses the plunger, the rubber bellows surrounding it and a splash guard cap to close the exit opening for the plunger in the housing. For measurement, which is normally made when the cooling lubricant is switched off, only the plunger and its bellows extend out of the housing, driven by compressed air.

Measurement is often isolated to quality islands or labs rather than fully integrated into the ongoing process. This system increases productivity and efficiency by enabling the integration of this measuring device directly into a contaminated production process.

The optical scanning provides highly accurate position values with a maximum error of ±1 µm over a 30-mm measuring range. Because of its 30-mm stroke and high accuracy over the entire measuring range, it measures diverse components from the same fixture. Optical scanning with the ball guide enables consistent repeatability when scanning oblique surfaces. The cycle time for measurements is said to be under 1.5 sec.

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