Graphite Mill Features Dust Extraction

Designed for graphite machining, Mikron’s HSM 300 GraphiteMaster features a fully integrated extractor unit, a polymer concrete base and a Heidenhain iTNC350 control system. The polymer concrete base is said to provide dampening properties and extra stability, while the machine’s drive spindles and zero-play linear guides are designed for precise positioning and high rigidity. With axis acceleration rates as high as 1.7 G, the machine features digital drive technology for complex 3D machining.


Fully integrated into the machine bed is a dust extraction system with a suction frame. Nozzles surrounding the spindle deliver compressed air directly to the machining point to remove dust and protect the guides and ATC from contamination. The spindle has a ceramic-hybrid bearing, which allows rotating speeds as high as 30,000 rpm. In addition, the spindle is equipped with constant grease lubrication, a feature designed to eliminate oil drops from the head.


The machine can perform finishing operations with cutting tools as small as 0.2 mm in diameter and roughing operations with tools as large as 13 mm in diameter. It comes with an 18-position ATC that users can upgrade to 27 positions.

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