GTI Predictive's VibePro 24/7 Improves Asset Condition Monitoring


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GTI Predictive Technology has made several updates to its VibePro 24/7 online vibration and temperature monitoring system (now combined with route data collection) to improve data collection for rotating equipment and bearing health. Updates include advanced alerts from route collected data, better corporate visibility, advanced report creation, integrated thermal images and Bluetooth sensor capabilities for hazardous area monitoring.

In this version, users can more easily change assets from route collection to online data collection; clone machines, points and plant areas; and generate long-time waveform for ultrasound display. 

VibePro 24/7 can manage any number of wireless sensors via a rugged central base station to acquire data for intelligent trending. Collecting all machine data in one place enhances route collection. The standard VibePro 24/7 package contains a three-axis acceleration and temperature sensor with good frequency bandwidth and high sensitivity. The hardware is designed for demanding environments and easy installation. An expanded antenna selection makes VibePro 24/7 suited for long-range data collection tasks, as well.

Route-based data collection and analysis combines the features of VibePro8 software and the GTI-220 wireless portable sensor. Full vibration data is thus available for route data and online data on the same analysis software platform.


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