Hamar Laser's A-1700 Enables Wireless Roll Alignment

Hamar Laser Instruments has released its wireless A-1700 Roll-Leveling Kit, an electronic level which provides high-accuracy wireless data to Hamar’s R-1357-2.4ZB PDA Display.


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A photo of Hamar Laser's A-1700 Roll-Leveling Kit

Hamar Laser Instruments Inc. has released its new A-1700 Roll-Leveling Kit for the company’s L-742 and L-732 Dual Scan Roll Alignment Systems. It comes with an easy-to-use, high-accuracy electronic level that transmits data wirelessly to Hamar’s R-1357-2.4ZB PDA Display.

Rod Hamar, president of Hamar Laser Instruments, points out that wireless data delivery allows users to simultaneously see the vertical and hoizontal axes of the roll in real time. This powerful electronic level also offers a resolution up to five times better than standard levels at .0002 in/ft (0.02 mm/m or 0.001 degrees), and its digital readout results in better accuracy than traditionally reading the edge of a bubble. The kit’s wireless data delivery also enables users to deploy it in tight situations where traditional methods prove unwieldy.

The A-1700 Roll-Leveling Kit includes a v-block type mounting base for rolls from 2 to 24+ inches (51-610+ mm) in diameter, as well as a safety strap to prevent the electronic level from falling off rolls during alignments. It is available for purchase individually and as part of L-742 and L-732 Dual Scan Roll Alignment System packages.