HCL's MINTVIZOR Analytics Software Emphasizes Usability

HCL Technologies has launched its cloud-based manufacturing analytics solution MINTVIZOR, which it believes will prove cost-effective and user-friendly even to Industry 4.0-wary companies.


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The midsection of a collage of screenshots showing MINTVIZOR's User Interface

HCL Technologies has launched MINTVIZOR, its user-friendly manufacturing analytics solution for plant managers. The software provides real-time machine monitoring and analytics of shop floor data to drive decision making for higher throughput, reduced downtime and improved product quality. MINTVIZOR combines a modern cloud-based configurable user interface with machine-learning-driven alerts and predictions, while simplifying installation through its innovative agile deployment offering.

While Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 technologies like real-time manufacturing analytics help organizations improve the speed of decision making and actions on the factory floor, many companies have shied away from adopting these technologies due to fear of large capital investments and customization requirements. HCL Technologies believes MINTVIZOR’s agile deployment offering cuts through these fears, saying the software’s deployment methodology, packaging and pricing reflect the efficiency and usability customers need.

The company also says its MINTVIZOR configurable cloud solution needs no deployment efforts. The software connects to machines through a simple wizard, making installation a smooth process.

HCL Technologies believes the real-time manufacturing analytics MINTVIZOR provides for availability; performance; and quality of tools, equipment, devices and machines will help organizations move further and faster on the factory floor.