Hexagon's WorkPlan 2020 Combines ERP and MES Features


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The latest release of WorkPlan, from the Production Software business of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, combines ERP and MES in a single database. Incorporating new features normally found in MES products, WorkPlan 2020.0 is now being marketed as the main tool for centralizing a company’s data to improve production management, including machine events, monitoring, CMMs, CAM supervision, workflow and part traceability.  

“WorkPlan is the first ERP system to integrate MES functions as standard,” says brand manager Christophe Mas, “combining sales and production management, as well providing workshop supervision in real time.”

Connected to the web, the software tracks job times including clock-in/clock-out time tickets and time spent on productive and non-productive activities. The software’s web connectivity avoids the need for additional data input, saving time, the company says. 

The system is said to be even more time efficient when interfaced with Hexagon’s CAM programming software, Alphacam. As soon as the program is validated, data reporting in WorkPlan and information about panels and plates are all completed in a few mouse clicks, according to the company.

A new Activity Basket feature performs a variety of functions. “When several tasks from different projects are performed simultaneously within a single production operation, such as 3D printing, heat treatment, punching or laser cutting, it’s difficult to monitor and assign real cycle times and materials to each project without causing issues with job reports,” says Mr. Mas. “Now, when preparing production, users can create a ‘basket’ of operations grouped by service and manage all cost distribution according to their individual needs.” The supervision window enables the consolidation of all pending, in-progress or finished baskets and programs, either by operator or service. Information is available on real-time progress, documentation, and the number of components produced.