High-Pressure Coolant System Automatically Adjusts Volume

MP Systems’ VR8 variable-volume, high-pressure coolant system is part of the company’s VR series.


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MP Systems’ VR8 variable-volume, high-pressure coolant system is part of the company’s VR series. The system is said to be durable and energy-efficient, only using as much horsepower as needed to set pressure and automatically adjusting the volume to maintain it.

Variable volume flow adjusts to much as 8 gpm. Pressure is adjusted from the system’s programmable logic controller and controlled by the cutting machine’s M code.

Programmable pressures range from 250 to 1,000 psi, and systems have 50- or 70-gal. vertical reservoirs for use with water or oil-based coolants. All come with two quick-change large capacity filter bags, a machine installation kit and a two-year parts warranty.


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