Hoffman Group Presetter Measures Up To 400 Milimeters

The Hoffman Group’s Garant VG Basic Presetter features electronic measuring equipment with a digital camera that has a measurement range of up to 400 mm on both axes.


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Hoffman Group Garant VG Basic pre-setting device

The Hoffman Group has released the Garant VG Basic, a presetting device with a range of functions that is designed to enable the user to measure cutting tools quickly and accurately. It features electronic measuring equipment with a digital camera that has a measurement range of up to 400 mm on both axes, a 10" touchscreen and three USB ports. An optional label printer to print measuring results onto adhesive tool labels is also available.

A pneumatic quick-adjustment device can move both the x- and z-axes by as many as 400 millimeters. This requires a compressed air supply of at least 73 psi. According to the company, when making additional fine adjustments, the measuring system and metal oxide semiconductor color camera with 17× magnification enable users to position the two axes accurately enough to determine the exact tool dimensions. The menu is designed to intuitively guide users through the program.

The presetter rests on height-adjustable feet, which support a sturdy base body made of high-strength aluminum. The accompanying software is available in all common language versions, and users can display results in millimeters or inches. The product includes a cleaner for the cutting edge, an SK 50 needle-bearing spindle, a coiled compressed air hose and a ¼" coupling connector. Other optional accessories include a subframe cupboard, a calibration mandrel, a spindle clamp and a variety of reducers.


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