HSM CAM Software Improves Surface Machining

NCG CAM v14 includes new features such as UV surface machining.

NCG CAM v14 includes new features such as UV surface machining. This feature enables the user to select either a single surface or series of adjacent surfaces and generate machining passes using the selected surfaces and underlying UV direction parameterization. A given number of passes or step-over distance can be chosen. The user must investigate the UV surface parameters, with directions indicated by arrows, and align them to a common machining direction.

The new release adds functionality to cover pockets, enabling the user to create planar patches from curves, machining passes or remaining passes. New tools are available to help the user align 3+2 axis boundary planes. In addition, tool axis alignment curves for the five-axis along curve strategy enables the cutter to follow a curve while a second folder containing additional direction vectors will determine the tool axis. During machining, the tool axis gradually tilts through these vectors as it follows the curve.

Additional enhancements include improved automation for the drilling macros; the ability to copy all strategy parameters from the dialog page to the copy buffer; and the capability to use a ballnose-type or toroidal reference cutter for rest finishing passes. The background color can be quickly changed via a dropdown menu or the right click button, and it is now possible to change the translucency of all surfaces in a single operation.

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