Hydraulic Workholding Towers Offer as Many as 12 Clamping Stations


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Kurt Workholding offers a complete line of high-density CarvLock workholding towers for precision machining with eight or 12 clamping stations in both manual and hydraulic models. Equipped with easily changeable jaws, these towers provide maximum setup flexibility and fast change-over between jobs, the company says.

The towers are ideal for use on mid-size and larger horizontal machining centers, and options enable configuration to users’ exact needs. Each tower station has either a 3" or 4" jaw opening and provides repeatable clamping to 0.0002" with a maximum clamping force of 5,870 to 7,460 lbs, depending on the model.

Self-adjusting holding blocks clamp the similar- or dissimilar-size parts. Fast manual operation is enhanced with the adjustable pre-load feature that reduces handle turns for opening and closing clamping stations. Hydraulic power speeds part clamping by eliminating the need to manually clamp the piece part.

The CarvLock towers are made of ductile iron, maximizing strength, rigidity and long-term accuracy. The elevated column design makes clearing chips and coolant from the clamping area fast and easy. Additional features include jaw options for specific applications such as hard jaws, machinable aluminum and ductile iron jaws, plus aluminum fixture plates. For maximum flexibility, jaws are indexable 180 degrees.