Indexable-Insert Drill's Polished Surfaces Resist Wear


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Walter USA has introduced the D4140 indexable-insert drill, a tough and versatile new drill designed to deliver maximum process reliability and extended tool life. The tool’s advantages are said stem from its design and construction, featuring a hardened and polished surface that offers high resistance to friction wear. The drill’s ground and polished flutes, similar to those of solid carbide drills, ensure smooth and secure chip evacuation.

The drill’s design features precision coolant delivery directly to the cutting edge, avoiding thermal shocks to the edge and resulting in longer tool life and maximum process reliability. Additionally, the drill’s 100-degree prismatic insert seating for the P600x Xtra-tec Point inserts provide secure clamping for precise, high-quality holes. Drills are available in sizes of 3×D, 5×D and 7×D and in diameters ranging from 0.47" to 1.26" (12 to 31.99 mm). The drill has universal applications in a variety of materials and users can also benefit from simple indexable insert selection through Walter Color Select.


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