Inspection Macro Software Enhancement Grants Full Control of Feed Rates


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Renishaw’s latest version of Inspection Plus macro software features updated SupaTouch technology, which has been enhanced to give users full control of probing cycle feed rates. Users can thereby improve cycle times and on-machine measurement results, maximizing the productivity and profitability of their machine tools, according to the company. SupaTouch technology minimizes probing cycle time while maintaining machined component accuracy.

It is said to eliminate the need for manual optimization of on‑machine positioning feed rates, measurement feed rates and strategies. The software reduces measurement time on CNC machine tools up to 60 percent by determining the fastest feed rates a machine tool can achieve while promoting repeatable measurement, the company says. It also chooses and implements the quickest probing strategy (either one‑touch or two‑touch). The technology detects erroneous readings that can occur when a probe is triggered for a component measurement during machine acceleration or deceleration phases, and it automatically commands the probe to remeasure the surface at a more appropriate speed to ensure accuracy is maintained.


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