Jergens Releases Double-Acting Hydraulic Vise

Jergens' 130-mm hydraulic vise offers high holding forces, quick clamping and repeatability, according to the company.


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Jergens’ 130-mm double-acting hydraulic vise, shown here in an automated application, provides high holding forces, quick clamping and repeatability for improved speed and higher part tolerance, according to the company.

Jergens Inc. has released its 130-mm double-acting hydraulic vise. According to the company, features include high holding forces, quick clamping and repeatability for improved speed and part tolerance. It comes with multiple mounting patterns, different jaw options and plumbing and maintenance ports.

Jergens’ 130-mm hydraulic vise offers jaws that may be positioned outside of the dimension of the workpiece to minimize travel when clamping. This, in combination with the speed of hydraulic workholding, reduces clamping and unclamping operations to about one second, Jergens states. According to the company, the vise may increase measurable machine uptime and productivity. It is well-suited for high mix, low volume manufacturers.

The vise is made up of a steel body and internal hardened (low-friction process) components, which reportedly increases durability. It has low operating pressure requirements so it can perform directly off of machine hydraulics. It comes equipped with Fixture Pro QLS and industry-standard 96-mm Quick-Loc mounting patterns. The 130-mm vise is suited for multiple CNC machining applications, including vertical, horizontal, rotary, five-axis and robotic setups.

Additional holding options include quick-change soft jaw sets, available in high-strength aluminum (blue anodized finish) or low-carbon steel (black oxide finish). Case-hardened jaw inserts are also available, which are well suited for first-pass operations in raw materials.

Jergens also offers hydraulic pump kits for powering the hydraulic vise, which include the compact pump — mounted horizontally or vertically — and a manual or solenoid zero-leak valve to control the clamping action. Clamping force can be adjusted with the filter/regulator, which is also included. These kits are designed for powering single-vise setups, however, multiple vise applications are also possible.