Kalamazoo Saws Serve A Variety of Manufacturing Needs

Kalamazoo Industries’ C370A-NC EXT cold saw, K44ERF abrasive saw, K20E cutoff saw and KS652 canted-head bandsaw address a range of manufacturing needs. 


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A photo of Kalamazoo Industries' C370A-NC EXT Cold Saw

Kalamazoo Industries recently debuted four saws, each designed to serve a specific manufacturing need: the C370A-NC EXT, K44ERF, K20E and KS652.

The C370 A-NC EXT cold saw is a fully automatic, heavy-duty vertical column machine emphasizing vibration-free sawing. The 48" index feeder can produce longer workpieces without having to stop and re-set indices. The cold saw features infinitely variable blade speed control between 13 and 89 rpm for precise sawing, while the air-over-hydraulic system optimizes sawing rates.

The K44ERF enclosed abrasive saw cuts refractory materials such as high-temperature insulating materials and precast shapes. The vertical column cutoff saw features a 75-hp, 3-pin-hole motor and a 44" diameter diamond-edge blade, while the enclosure keeps dust inside the cabinet. Customers can customize the machine’s size to fit their existing conveyors and workholding equipment.

The K20E features a 15-hp, 3-pin-hole 1950-rpm motor in 220 and 440 volt variants, as well as a 1" spindle arbor. The saw comes with an air/oil power downfeed, air chain vise and coolant pump system with dual coolant hoses. The 20" enclosed metallurgical cutoff saw specializes in wet-cutting metal samples and inspecting workpieces’ internal properties after processes like heat treating or proofing a mold.

The KS652 features heavy construction and advanced design to yield vibration-free sawing and long blade life at high production rates. The semi-automatic double-column, canted-head bandsaw has a 1.5" blade and a full 26" vise opening engineered to cut structural, solid and difficult materials such as W24 beams.