Large-Format Gantry System Offers Multi-Process Capabilities


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KRC Machine Tool Solutions’ Fusion VI is a modular large-format, multi-process gantry system capable of being parametrically configured for a range of part sizes. The Fusion VI is designed to perform trimming, drilling, routing, surface milling, marking and inspection in a single setup.

The primary vertical mast is said to be capable of high-speed, high-volume five-axis material removal and precise drilling, routing and countersinking. The secondary mast is said to execute precise six-axis abrasive waterjet trimming powered by Flow ultra-high waterjet intensifiers and cutting heads. Multiple quick-change kinematic cutting heads are available for complex geometries.

The Fusion VI comes with either a FANUC or Siemens control, flexible or dedicated tooling and fixtures, multiple machine bed options and automation. Each machine is tailored to match the specific process requirements of each customer.

With the company’s integrated metrology package, the Fusion VI performs complex part alignments, inspection, spring-back compensation and toolpath correction. This configuration is designed for processing composite aerostructures to save manufacturers time and money while delivering high part quality.


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