Line of Tools Designed for Cutting Composites


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SGS Tool Company’s line of composite cutting tools features a series of four new tools and one line expansion: series 31, 25, 27 and 120 have been added, and series 20 has been expanded. All composite cutting tools can be coated with Di-Namite crystalline diamond coating, which is said to provide even wear, extended tool life and improved finishes.
The series 31 routers offer fewer and deeper flutes than the original series 20 carbon composite router (CCR) to avoid clogging during demanding applications. The series 25 compression router, designed for milling and finish-milling carbon composite, incorporates a left- and right-hand helix, compressing the workpiece and eliminating material fraying. The series 27 variable-geometry slow helix end mill is designed for milling highly abrasive materials. The series 120 eight-facet drill is designed to create accurate holes without splintering or delaminating.


  • Choose The Best Drill Point Geometry

    The more common twist drill point geometries often are not the best for the job at hand. By choosing the best point for the material being drilled, it is possible to achieve better tool life, hole geometry, precision, and productivity.

  • Where Dry Milling Makes Sense

    Liquid coolant offers advantages unrelated to temperature. Forced air is the fluid of choice in this shop...but even so, conventional coolant can't be eliminated entirely.

  • Drill And Bore With A Face Mill

    Cutting holes by interpolating a face milling cutter may be a better process choice for many rough and even finish boring operations. Software improvements and better cutter designs allow expanding use of the versatile face mill for hole making.