Magnetite Finishing Solution for Oil and Gas Applications

Birchwood Technologies’ Tru Temp low-temperature black oxide process protects against corrosion and provides break-in lubricity while resisting galling.


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Birchwood Technologies’ Tru Temp low-temperature black oxide process protects against corrosion and provides break-in lubricity while resisting galling. Designed for the manufacturing of oil and gas drilling components, it forms a satin black magnetite finish that protects critical surfaces in storage, shipment and startup. Taking 30 minutes to apply, it is designed for machined components including downhole parts, sucker rods, valves, mandrels, collars, valve seats and pistons.

The finish is Mil Spec- and RoHS-compliant, withstanding as much as 100-150 hours of neutral salt spray or several hundred hours of humidity. The finish is 0.5 micron thick and has no effect on material hardness or load-bearing properties. Its crystaline structure enables it to effectively hold a rust inhibitor and serves as a sacrificial barrier to provide break-in lubricity and galling resistance. Critical parts are protected for storage or overseas shipment.

The process can be installed in any plant setting without endangering personnel or surrounding equipment, the company says. The operating solutions contain no EPA-regulated chemicals, and process rinse waters are normally sent to the sewer as non-hazardous discharge. Most process lines do not require waste treatment equipment.

In areas with restricted water or sewer availability, the process can be configured to utilize the Near-Zero water recycler to reduce process water consumption by as much as 90 percent. This benefit simplifies installation and enables the line to operate with very low water usage. The Tru Temp process is available in any size to fit part size and production volume.

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