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Matching Radial ISO Indexable Inserts to Materials, Applications, Increases Tool Life


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Mapal has added pressed, radial ISO indexable inserts to its milling lineup, thus completing its portfolio of standard milling tools. Up to now, the company has mainly focused on a milling program with ground tangential ISO indexable inserts. These are used in particular for special applications, very large stock removal, unstable conditions or disc milling cutters.

The company says it has incorporated its experience gathered in these special applications into the new series of milling cutters with radial ISO indexable inserts. The new face, shoulder, slot and shell end face milling cutters are designed for roughing and for medium machining of cast iron, steel and stainless steel. According to Mapal, these tools have optimally-designed tool bodies with the ideal number of teeth for their respective applications. Positive and negative indexable inserts made of four different PVD cutting materials, based on newly developed carbide substrates and coatings, are available for the milling cutters.

Depending on the requirement, the most economically efficient version is recommended. For example, between eight and 16 cutting edges per radial ISO indexable insert can be selected for face milling, and between two, four and eight cutting edges for shoulder milling.

The new tools provide very smooth running and low noise. In addition, very long tool life is achieved thanks to being able to match the tool to the respective material and the respective application.