Mecco's New Laser Marking Solution for Heat Sensitive Materials

Mecco's 3W SmartMark UV laser marking machine creates high-contrast marks that are compatible with a range of materials, including heat-sensitive materials. 


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MECCO 3W SmartMark UV Laser Marking Machine

Many competitive manufacturers struggle with creating the readable, high-contrast permanent marks needed for identification, traceability and compliance without damaging delicate or heat-sensitive materials. In response, MECCO is launching the 3W SmartMark UV Laser Marking Machine as a versatile solution intended to improve efficiency, reduce waste and comply with regulations.

The 3W SmartMark UV Laser Marker is engineered to create precise, quality barcodes and other unique identifiers, even on materials such as plastics, metals and glass. To prevent the burning of surrounding material, this UV laser uses a 355 nm wavelength for improved absorption. A real-time visible pointer is included for previewing marks to enhance usability. 

The UV Laser integrates seamlessly with existing SmartMark line equipment and assembly lines, which can also be connected to a manufacturer’s enterprise solution for industrial data collection.