Multi-Spindle Machine Simultaneously Mills, Turns in Nine Axes

Absolute Machine Tools offers Quicktech’s high-precision S-32 ATM nine-axis, twin-spindle milling and turning center.


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Absolute Machine Tools offers Quicktech’s high-precision S-32 ATM nine-axis, twin-spindle milling and turning center. The system has nine axes in total, including two turning spindles and a 190-degree, B-axis milling spindle serviced by a 24-tool arm-type automatic toolchanger. Six fixed gang-type ID turning tools at the subspindle result in a total capacity of 30 tools.

Both the main spindle and subspindle feature 6,000-rpm, 5-hp, high-torque integral motors as well as 42-mm collet chucks (or 5", three-jaw hydraulic chucks) with capacity for 30-mm barstock. The spindles feature a continuous C axis with a braking system and are fully synchronized for fast and accurate part transfer.

The 10,000-rpm, 3-hp, HSK 40-taper B-axis milling spindle services both the turning main spindle and the subspindles. It has a working range of 190 degrees, ±95 degrees from vertical). The B axis is locked in position for rigid turning operations. The 24-tool ATC with an HSK 40-taper quick-change tooling system produces tool change times of only 1.3 sec. The subspindle moves in the X, Y and Z axes, and in the X axis it can move above and below the centerline to clear the B axis and enable full tilting capabilities. There are six gang-type turning tools at the subspindle that enable simultaneous turning and milling. Rigid tapping is standard.

The system employs P4 high-precision bearings for stability and heavy cutting. All major components are made of heavy Meehanite cast iron. The 35-mm Hiwin roller-type linear guideways in all linear axes provide stability and enable heavier machining. Substantial 32-mm ballscrews are double anchored, pre-tensioned and direct coupled to the machine’s servomotors.

The system is equipped with a Mitsubishi M830W control with a 19" LCD. All spindles and axes employ Mitsubishi AC servomotors and amplifiers.


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