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10/15/2003 | 1 MINUTE READ

New Line Of Wire EDM Machines

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The company has a new line of wire EDM machines. The new KE series consists of four models, the series KE350, KE450, KE500 and KE1000. The series are defined by bed size and the maximum workpiece size that can be cut on each machine. Approximate workpiece sizes range from 41" × 32" × 16" on the series KE350 to a maximum of 90" × 63" × 24" on the series KE1000. The company's Expert Erosion System on all series is designed for cutting complex pieces, including staggered pieces, pieces with wide angles of taper and others. The system controls the cutting process, which is said to ensure optimal machine performance at each stage. According to the company, all of this produces maximum productivity, ensuring long machining times without any operator intervention. Features in all series are said to include a new, faster, user-friendly CNC that enhances operator-machine interface with a Windows-style procedure; an Ethernet connection, allowing the programmed machine to send messages to the user's e-mail address at any location by PC or cell phone; fixed bed construction to support workpieces from 6,600 lbs on the KE350 to 22,000 lbs on the KE 1000; Automatic Strategy, to simplify programming; the company's new built-in automatic threading system to handle a variety of wire types and wire diameters; a standard system for feeding wire prepared for many spool sizes, up to DIN 355 (100 lbs); and the company's filter with zero maintenance cost--there are no replacement cartridges, and it is said to be ecologically and environmentally friendly.


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