Okuma’s MCR-S Roughs, Finishes Press Dies in One Setup

Okuma's MCR-S double-column machining center reduces cycle time to rough and finishing press dies in one setup.


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Okuma MCR-S

Okuma America Corporation has debuted its new MCR-S double column machining center that roughs and finishes press dies in one setup. It features full five-face and five-axis machining and is suitable for die repair work and heavy-duty machining of process-intensive press dies.

The MCR-S is designed to accommodate a range of stamping die requirements, making it well-suited for the automotive and aerospace industries. It can handle hardened cast iron, nonferrous and exotic materials.

The machining center achieves maximum productivity and accuracy through various intelligent technologies and innovations. The one-setup process reduces cycle time by using faster cutting feed rates and spindle speeds, and eliminating the process-intensive steps of manual finishing. Innovative die-alignment processing also reduces concave/convex die-alignment times, according to the company.

Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly technology reduces heat in the machining process and compensates for any ambient temperature changes, allowing for continuous long runs of cutting without comprising accuracy, while the Hyper-Surface feature detects and automatically compensates surface disturbances in the part program to eliminate streaks or stripes for a high-quality surface finish.