Palmgren's Compact VMCs Suitable for Short, Production Runs

Palmgren’s line of compact VMCs are suitable option for small shops that require a second machine or an additional spindle.


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Palmgren’s line of compact vertical machining centers are designed to meet the needs of production lines, short runs applications, one-offs and prototyping of small parts. The machines’ small footprint makes them a suitable option for small shops that require a second machine or an additional spindle, and their solid, rigid construction improves accuracy and repeatability, according tot he company.

Each compact machining center features a 10-tool magazine with an automatic tool changer and a user-friendly portable handwheel. In addition to the 10.0" × 31.0" model, the line of vertical machining centers includes 7.0" × 24.5" and 8.5" × 27.0" models.


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