Segmented Collet Clamps Cylindrical, Bevel Gear Bores

Gleason has introduced a segmented collet designed to improve the clamping of cylindrical and bevel gear bores from 20 to 100 mm in diameter.


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Gleason has introduced a segmented collet designed to improve the clamping of cylindrical and bevel gear bores ranging from 20 to 100 mm in diameter.

The single-angle style collet has a simple design and is made using an elastomer compound and injection molding process. Available in eight different sizes, each model features an expansion range of 0.762 mm (0.030") to accommodate a variety of bore clamping applications and to help insure long wear life and ease of loading. 

The segmented collets can be applied to the company’s workholding products and used with all types of production machines. They can also be ground to specific customer application requirements.


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