Software Simplifies Data Management, Business Metrics

ECi has released JobBoss 2018, enables business owners and managers to make sense of continuously expanding data.


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ECi has released JobBoss 2018 enabling business owners and managers to make sense of continuously expanding data and more easily gain insights on key business metrics. The update includes dozens of usability improvements.

The software provides all areas of the business access to real-time visual information on quoting, company efficiency, job status and more. User-specific security and accessibility provides the right information to the right person, displaying key information in easy-to-consume visual dashboards. Over 20 pre-built widgets enable users to navigate dashboards to individual transactions and job data, improving their ability to access and respond to critical shop data. 

This release also launches a strategic relationship with Lojic Dashboards that provides customizable dashboards as an optional upgrade. The optional dashboards are also mobile-friendly, so users can view them from anywhere and display role-specific data via monitors on the shop floor.

Efficiency improvements to the upgrade process are also being released as part of the update, including both Auto and Push Client Installers, in addition to a Push Installer for Work Station Driver. These installers are designed to reduce the amount of time dedicated to updates and installations.

Extended field lengths provide freedom and flexibility in naming convention and BOM structure. Shop management can use common, easily recognizable names for job ID, quote assemblies, sales orders, part numbers and more to take the guesswork out of identifying and tracking jobs. 


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