Stand-alone Filter System


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As a new Aqua Prima filtering system for Wire EDM, the series AK-100 is automatic, self-cleaning, uses a mineral filter unit especially assigned for wire EDM filtration and does not require filter media replacement.

Features of the new series include a design for easy retrofit with all Wire EDMs, stainless steel construction, a tank capacity of 330 gallons and clean water filtering to a 3-micron level of cleanliness.

It is also said to be a 100% self-sufficient, stand-alone system with an automatic sludge discharge fully controlled by the PLC.

Designed to operate with all Wire EDMs, according to the company the filter unit takes dirty water from the machine and filters it to supply clean water for machining. When the filter vessel reaches its cleaning capacity, which is detected by a pressure switch, a backwashing cycle starts, and clean, filtered water is supplied to the machine's dielectric tank.

When a pre-determined number of programmed backwashing cycles are completed, sludge removal is initiated. Sludge is then discharged from the decanting tank into a sludge bag. An alarm is activated when the bag reaches full capacity.



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