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Storage System for Barstock, Sheet Metal

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The Unitower C, available from Kasto, is a compact, standardized, automatic storage system for barstock and sheet metal, offering a system height ranging to 24 ft.


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The system utilizes a height-optimized compartment division to achieve a high storage density in a small area. It features a plug-in, modular cassette and pallet supports, and is available with machine-oriented installation.

Socket pins for C-profile cassettes individually extend loading height, and the system features options for three different loading heights. Additionally, socket pins for pallets protect storage goods against shifting. The pallet table enables pallets with lifting pins to unpack sheet metal and promotes better handling via a fork lift or crane. The manually-movable station cart can load and unload the storage system from the rear, and the automatic control is equipped with a safety device. According to the company, the system enables easy operation through selection of storage place and an approval key. 


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