Surface Grinders Said to Eliminate Need for Hand Balancing


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Chevalier’s FSG-ADIV series of surface grinders has several new features designed to improve productivity and ease of operation. The series now offers in-machine dynamic balancing, constant surface speed in dressing, and grinding cycles and loading force detection. The in-machine dynamic balancing system enables the adjustment of the balance weight at the wheel position while limiting wheel vibrations to less than 1 µm. In addition to improved accuracy, quality and machine life, the overall design of the machines incorporates ergonomics to ease operation and increase work efficiency. The FSG-ADIV series includes the FSG-1224ADIV, 1632ADIV and 1640ADIV.

The machines can enter an automatic dressing cycle during machining. The table will position itself where the diamond is set and dress and compensate according to the operator’s settings. The load force detection enables the spindle load to be measured during the machining cycle. The operator can use this information to determine whether a wheel needs to be dressed. If an abnormal load is detected, the spindle will automatically move up to stop the cycle.

The control station for the grinders in the FSG-ADIV series is a user-friendly NC platform featuring a 10.4" TFT high-resolution color screen with a touch panel control interface. The iMachine Communications System is ready for remote data collection and data tracking from a mobile device with additional PC and software.


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