Surface Roughness Tester

The SJ-201PR handheld surface roughness tester has the added feature of gliding softly to the measuring surface. With optional nosepiece or user specified fixture the tester proves to be almost indestructible on the shop floor, the company says. Virtual elimination of detector repairs is said to save money and hassle. To operate, the display unit (including the detector/drive) is placed on the surface to be measured. Pressing the start/stop key initiates detector traverse. The detector, which is positioned 3 mm above the surface, glides to the part and commences the measurement. The resulting parameter values are then displayed on a large LCD screen. The tester comprises two components: a fully detachable detector/drive (about the size of a pocket knife) and a display unit (about the size of a cordless phone) that can house the detector drive. It is able to measure 19 surface roughness parameters (Ra, Ry, Rz, Rq, S, Sm, Pc, R3z, mr, Rt, Rp, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Vo) and is compatible with ISO, DIN, ANSI and JIS standards. Users can add the optional printer for a hard copy of both profile and parameters or the SurfPak software. The system provides functions to communicate Statistical Process Control (SPC) data with external devices, including PCs and printers, via an RS-232C interface. According to the company, this tester is powerful enough to work the toughest QC routines yet is sized to fit the palm of your hand.

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