ThinkIQ Enhances Saas Manufacturing Platform Functionality

ThinkIQ has updated its software-as-a-service manufacturing platform with revised UI components, a richer type-and-system model and ValueStream Expressions for time series data.


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A stock image depicting analytics graphs on stylized phone screens

ThinkIQ has updated its software-as-a-service (SaaS) manufacturing platform with product enhancements that include simplified analysis of time series data, reusable type systems that accelerate deployment and revised UI components that simplify construction of custom dashboards. The company says these added capabilities continue to build upon the software’s material traceability and insight — helping manufacturers improve yield, quality, safety, compliance and brand confidence while reducing waste and environmental impact.

This cloud-based platform is able to collect data inputs across the supply chain and identify correlations and root causes through the use of AI. It creates a new set of value-added traceability data, which is delivered with actionable insights to guide systems across the supply chain.

Updated functionality includes a richer type-and-instance system model that provides additional meaning to sensor data, enhancing repeatability and consistent analysis of data across many production units.

The upgrade also features ValueStream Expressions, a simplified approach to performing calculations on time series data that still acknowledges the complexities of sensor data processing. These expressions include manufacturing-specific functionality such as material flow alignment of the data, rich interpolation algorithms and unit-of-measure conversion. ThinkIQ says ValueStream Functions can process time series data at its full resolution with no need to downsample or resample the data prior to performing calculations.

This new update also overhauls ThinkIQ’s UI components, which now allow people with simple web development skills to build rich dashboards and user interfaces. The UI components integrate into ThinkIQ's content management system and embrace ThinkIQ's type-and-instance system model so users don't worry about mapping UI components to the underlying data.