Three-Screw Pump Optimizes Coolant Delivery

Allweiler, a Circor International brand, has unveiled the Emtec-C three-screw pump.


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Allweiler, a Circor International brand, has unveiled the Emtec-C three-screw pump for the removal of abrasive machine chips, particles and heat away from cutting surfaces in high-pressure machine tool coolant service. The three-screw pump delivers coolant at a higher rate than centrifugal pumps, allowing machines to run at optimized levels without compromising tool life, according to the company.

Features include a screw system with a reversed hanging idler and integrated thrust compensation system for durability, reliability and precision. A transparent backflow pipe alerts the user to possible medium return into the system. The pump is said to be interchangeable with previous models and available in different sizes and spindle pitch angles to accommodate tank-top, submerged and horizontal installation configurations. It also features an extra-long piston to minimize flow loss. Users have the option of connecting a pressure sensor to the frequency controller for easier control and measurement.

Said to deliver improved durability and efficiency, the Emtec-C is designed for metalworking applications, transfer lines, and grinding and deep drilling machines.


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