Undercutting, Chamfering Tools Feature Through Coolant

IMTS 2018: Tool-Flo’s Flo-Min series of solid carbide miniature tools features coolant-through capabilities. 


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Designed for undercutting and chamfering, Tool-Flo’s Flo-Min series of solid carbide miniature tools now features coolant-through capability. The company says the tools’ coating prolongs life, and sharp cutting edges facilitate precision machining in a range of small-diameter internal applications. They are available in a large inventory of sizes and with double-ported sleeves to facilitate change-overs.

D min is 0.197" (5.0 mm). Back Turning D min is 0.118" (3.0 mm). Profiling D min is  0.024" (0.6 mm). Face Grooving D min is 0.236" (6.0 mm). Threading D min is 0.157" (4.0 mm). 

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