Updated Five-Axis HMC Efficiently Machines Aluminum

Makino’s updated MAG3-EX five-axis horizontal machining center is designed for processing aluminum aerospace parts.


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Makino’s updated MAG3-EX five-axis horizontal machining center is designed for processing aluminum aerospace parts. It can mill aluminum structural parts as long as 4 m (approximately 13 ft.), including wing ribs, bulkheads and beam components. Its X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measuring 4,000, 1,500 and 1,000 mm (157.5", 59.1" and 39.4"), respectively, accommodate parts as large as 4,000 × 1,500 × 750 mm (157.5" × 59.1" × 29.5"). The machine’s A and C axes are located within the spindle housing and provide ±110-degree tilting and 360-degree rotation.

By increasing the spindle power from 120 to 130 kW in the updated model, the machine achieves maximum power at 26,000 rpm rather than 33,000 rpm with the previous spindle. Cutting feed rates have increased to 50 m/min., and the company says acceleration rates have reached 1 G. These features improve processing speeds for all aluminum structural components, the company says.

Additionally, rapid traverse rates have been improved across all axes: 25 rpm on the A and C axes, 62.7 m/min. (2,440 ipm) on the X axis, and 58 m/min. (2,283 ipm) on the Y and Z axes. These changes, combined with an improved automatic toolchanger (ATC) and automatic pallet changer (APC), reduce non-cutting times in operation. Improved coolant and chip management systems accommodate the increase in chips removed and improve maintainability.

The machining center has a 120-tool-capacity ATC. Its APC eliminates the need to stop machining for work setup. The platform also features a horizontal work-setting station that enables operators to efficiently set workpieces on the pallet.

The system features a Pro6 control with MPmax monitoring that enables the operator to monitor the spindle in real time.

The system maintains compatibility and interchangeability with existing MAG3 pallets, work-setting stations and pallet changers.


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