Vertical Turning Machine Built for Making Gear Wheels

IMTS 2018: Emag’s VL 3 Duo is a twin-spindle vertical pick-up turning machine used for large-scale production of gear wheels and other gearbox components.


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Emag’s VL 3 Duo is a twin-spindle, vertical pick-up turning machine used for large-scale production of gear wheels and other gearbox components. The machine is designed for compactness and productivity, and has a footprint of 13 m(140 ft2). It accommodates parts ranging to 150 mm (2") in diameter.

The VL 3 Duo can be fitted with the company’s TrackMotion automation system, which consists of a track, the company’s TransLift NC gripper that runs on the track, and a raw parts storage unit. The system installs directly behind the machining areas of the turning machine.

The machine has a parts buffer and a pick-up spindle in each machining area. The automation system loads the individual part pallets on the parts buffer as they shuttle between the loading position near the machining area and the rear section of the machine. From there, the working spindle takes the raw part, transports it into the relevant machining area and places the part back onto the appropriate pallet after it has been machined. Immediately next to it, the subsequent part is waiting to be picked up by the spindle, so that only a few seconds pass until the next part is being machined.

Each machining area has its own working spindle with a power rating of up to 18.1 kW and torque of up to 142 Nm. In addition, each machining area has a tool turret with twelve tool positions that can be fitted with turning tools or driven tools and fitted with an additional Y axis.

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