VMC Offers Rigidity During Five-Axis Machining

The MDV551 is a simultaneous motion, five-axis VMC designed to perform multiple complex machining operations in one setup. Its mechanism for tilting and rotating the A and C axes is said to provide high rigidity during simultaneous axis movement with no backlash. The 40-taper VMC has a 30-hp, 12,000-rpm, variable AC main spindle drive motor and choice of either a Fanuc-18iM (5) or a Heidenhein control. The machine positioning accuracy is ±0.00012" at full stroke. Repeatability is ±0.00004". A 30-position ATC allows random access to tools as long as 11.8" and weighing 17.6 lbs. Tools that are 7" in diameter may be handled if the adjacent pockets are open. Approximate tool-to-tool change time is 0.9 second.

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