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Spotting Drills Hold Tight Tolerances for True Centering

Published on 6/14/2021

PMTS 2021: Scientific Cutting Tools’ solid carbide spotting drills feature a precise point angle which is held to a one-degree tolerance for true centering.


Advancing Cutting Tool Production with Electrical Discharge Grinding

Published on 6/11/2021

A wider power range and new erosion control features enable users of ANCA’s EDG machines to more quickly produce cutting tools that last longer.


Cross-hole Deburring Tool Eliminates Secondary Process

Published on 6/9/2021

The Orbitool from J.W. Done helped Paramount Machine eliminate a secondary deburring process, saving 75 process hours across a 2000-part run and enabling the shop to meet its profit and delivery time goals.


Schwanog's Insertable Tools Hold Tight Tolerances

Published on 6/2/2021

PMTS 2021: With its PWP and PWP-D insertable form drill system, Schwanog is said to address the problem of high setup times as the insert holder stays in the machine during insert changeover.


Sumitomo Adds Drill Tip for Drilling Aluminum

Published on 5/25/2021

New SMDT-NAL drill tips from Sumitomo are coated with Diamond-like Carbon DLC ‘Aurora’ Coating. These replaceable drill tips are suitable for machining aluminum alloys and non-ferrous materials.


Varney Manufacturing Purchases Darex

Published on 5/25/2021

Varney Manufacturing has purchased Darex, a company with which it has enjoyed close ties since Varney’s foundation by a former Darex president in 2003.


Cybersecurity Becomes a CNC Machining Prerequisite

Published on 5/21/2021

Management software and information technology partner services prove their worth amid the rollout of defense industry requirements. 


Open Mind Technologies Celebrates 25 Years in North America

Published on 5/20/2021

The North American subsidiary of Open Mind Technologies AG is celebrating 25 years of success with its CAD/CAM solutions.


Kennametal Introduces FBX Drill for Aerospace Machining

Published on 5/3/2021

The FBX drill from Kennametal is designed for flat-bottom drilling for structural aerospace parts, combining advantages from a flat-bottom drill and a Z-axis plunge mill.


New Tooling Products from Modern Machine Shop, Apr. 30, 2021

Published on 4/30/2021

The latest technology from , and Tungaloy America

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