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Indexable Mini Angle Head Enables Multi-Position Machining
Eltool's indexable mini angle head can mill and drill in bores or cavities as small as 5/8" in diameter.

Live Lathe Tools Eliminate Secondary Operations
Designed to fit lathe models with live tooling capability, Eltool’s Titespot live tool modules for ID machining combine with the company’s compact right-angle heads to machine bores as small as 1" in diameter.


Live Lathe Tools For ID Machining
Eltool’s live tool modules combined with the company’s right angle heads are designed for internal machining of bores ranging to l" in diameter. Secondary ID milling, drilling, slotting and grooving operations can be integrated into turning operations to increase throughput, reduce handling and improve accuracy.


Indexable Angle Heads
Eltool says its coolant-driven angle heads eliminate secondary operations and the need to purchase multiple mechanical heads and part indexers. This updated brochure details new sizes and styles, including units capable of multi-position machining in l" diameter bores.

High-Torque Angle Head
El Tool’s coolant-driven angle heads develop as much as 100 inch-pounds of torque. The heads incorporate a planetary gear with a 5:1 ratio, said to be ideal for applications where high torque at lower speeds is required. The angle heads are powered by an integral positive displacement ball piston motor driven by the machining center’s high-pressure coolant system.

Right-angle head

Affordable Technologies For Aerostructure Machining
A research project tests the extent to which non-traditional choices related to tooling and technique can make a machining center more capable for milling complex parts.

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Titespot Angle Heads
Titespot Key Cutters