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As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

EOS M 300-4 Performs Production-Level Direct Laser Sintering

EOS M 300-4 Performs Production-Level Direct Laser Sintering
IMTS Spark: Designed for industrial production of high-quality metal parts, the EOS M 300-4 performs direct metal laser sintering (DMLS).

Curious About Additive Manufacturing? Tour a Facility
This year’s Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo includes technical tours of Austin-based headquarters for EOS and Essentium. The hands-on learning experience will cover topics including metal additive manufacturing (AM), AM for production, materials testing, business changes for AM and polymers.

Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo Announces Complete Program

Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo Announces Complete Program
The agenda for this annual event on additive manufacturing includes technical presentations, networking, equipment demos and facility tours.

Additive Conference attendees

Additive Manufacturing Conference and Expo Coming to Austin
The 2019 event will highlight advances in additive technology, best practices for implementation and case studies. The expanded schedule includes networking and facility tours of EOS and Essentium.

incodema3D metal 3D printers

Why This AM Milestone Fills the Capacity of Four CNC Lathes
Incodema3D is launching into its first continuous job to be produced with metal additive manufacturing, but more 3D printing also means more turning.

Fabian Schmahl of ThyssenKrupp Bilstein to speak at MT360

Manufacturing to Meet Tech Community at MT360
I will hold onstage conversations with additive manufacturing and collaborative automation leaders as part of the new technology event to premier May 12-14, 2020, in Santa Clara, California.

AppliedAM conference

AppliedAM Conference Features Industrial 3D-Printing Applications
Presenters at the AppliedAM Conference at IMTS 2018 speak about real-world 3D-printing applications for a variety of industries.

EOS headquarters

EOS Unveils a New Metal Additive Platform, New Booth Design
At its newly-designed booth, EOS is debuting the new M 300 Series metal additive platform: a four-laser system that features full-field overlap and increased productivity of four to 10 times over its workhorse M 290.

Modern Machine Shop Top Shops award winners for 2018

Top Shops Winners Talk Technology, Tactics
Successful machining businesses implement effective processes and strategies both on the shop floor and in the front office. Recent chats with representatives from this year’s award-winning Top Shops shed light on some approaches they have leveraged to their advantage.

the Additive Pavilion at IMTS 2016

Additive Manufacturing Expands its Footprint at IMTS 2018
The September trade show includes exhibits, conferences and more related to 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

EOS will display its EOS P 500 3D printer at IMTS 2018.

Industrial-Scale 3D Printer Facilitates Cost-Effective Production
IMTS 2018: EOS North America’s EOS P 500 3D printer is designed to produce laser-sintered polymer partson an industrial scale.

CNC with part model on the screen demonstrating its importance in digital rights management

How Part Data Control Will Expand and Simplify the Supply Chain
Digital rights management for manufactured part files will enable OEMs to enforce manufacturing requirements at a distance, as an alternative to in-person certification of suppliers.

EOS M 290 metal AM system with IPCM M pro material handling module

Module Handles Reusable Metal Powder
The IPCM M Pro conveys material out of the company’s M 290 3D printer, sieves it and returns it to the system.

additively grown nozzle

Additive Manufacturing’s Assist to ID Grinding
By addressing a long-standing coolant-delivery problem, an additively grown nozzle enhanced the effectiveness of ID grinding in a complementary role.

EOS and MTU Partner for Additive Manufacturing Quality Control
EOS and MTU Partner for Additive Manufacturing Quality Control

EOS North American User Day Comes to IMTS
The User Day is one of multiple events at IMTS addressing heightened interest in additive manufacturing technology. Additive has also added its name to a pavilion.

Met-L-Flo pattern-based tooling

"Adding" to Your Tooling Options
Understand the benefits and applications of processes for making tooling through additive manufacturing.

 plate of tooling inserts

Conformal Cooling: A Tool in the Toolbox to Build a Better Mold
Moldmakers are just starting to scratch the surface of what can be done with conformal cooling, which involves an additive approach.

Laser-Sintering Technology Benefits UAV Industry
Because it involves no tooling and little machining or fixturing, EOS’ laser-sintering technology is said to be a cost-effective and fast alternative for the low production runs of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry.

Additive Manufacturing System Offers Expanded Application Range
The EOSINT M 280 additive manufacturing system for metals is designed to increase part quality, reproducibility, cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness.

This Golf Ball Mold is Really Cool

This Golf Ball Mold is Really Cool
Producing this golf ball mold (left) involved both additive and subtractive manufacturing processes working together in an integrated fashion.

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