Siemens and EOS Partner to Improve AM Efficiency

Siemens and EOS North America have expanded their AM partnership, with EOS reselling Siemens NX solutions, which now integrate with EOSPrint2.


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A screenshot of Siemens' NX AM software working on an EOS build file

Siemens Digital Industries Software and EOS North America have expanded their additive manufacturing (AM) partnership, with EOS North America now reselling Siemens’ AM software solutions for its machines. This provides customers with build preparation and build optimization, as well as connectivity to critical upstream design and downstream production processes.

“The ability to offer our customers a combination of Siemens’ AM software and EOS machines is an important step toward industrializing additive manufacturing for larger-scale production,” says Andrew Snow, senior vice president of EOS North America.

In addition to integrating EOS’ job and process management software EOSPrint2 with Siemens’ NX software, EOS will resell NX AM build preparation and AM build optimizer software for part orientation and support structure optimization to metal additive customers. The combination of EOS and Siemens solutions will allow EOS customers to leverage Siemens capabilities across the AM digital thread, including design for additive, topology optimization, build process simulation, materials engineering and durability analysis, design validation, scheduling and execution, process automation, performance monitoring and product lifecycle management.

Siemens’ end-to-end additive design-through-manufacturing environment differs from point-solution alternatives in that Siemens connects every phase of AM development via a single, associative digital thread. “Point solutions introduce time-consuming, error-prone inefficiencies into the AM workflow,” says Aaron Frankel, VP of Siemens Digital Industries Software’s AM program. “Customers often have to interrupt their process to convert data for different software environments. The problems with this approach are compounded with every change that’s required.”

As part of the reseller agreement, Siemens Digital Industries Software will train the EOS Additive Minds technical consulting team on NX AM and AM build optimizer software. Additive Minds, in turn, will train EOS customers on the use of Siemens’ AM solutions. The two organizations have also agreed on an extensive framework for providing in-depth technical support.