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Third Wave Systems Completes Military Contract for Machining Composites
The company developed a physics-based approach to five-axis machining of polymer matrix composites used in warfighters for the U.S. Air Force.

Third Wave Systems' AdvantEdge gear machining software

Software Simulates Spiral Bevel Gear Machining, Cylindrical Hobbing
Gear Expo 2017: Third Wave Systems will showcase two versions of its AdvantEdge gear machining software for simulating spiral bevel gear (SBG) machining and cylindrical hobbing processes.

Materials-Based Modeling Software Provides Automated Reports
Third Wave Systems’ materials-based modeling software, AdvantEdge, is said to reduce the barriers of entry into off-line, virtual simulation of the metal cutting process.

Software Enables Analysis of Tool Life, Chip Flow
Third Wave Systems has released version 7.2 of its AdvantEdge software including enhancements and capabilities designed to reduce the time required for tool-focused results analysis, communication and documentation.

NC Optimization Software Improves Tool Life
Third Wave Systems’ Production Module 7.0 NC optimization software is said to improve finished part quality.

Third Wave Systems Partners with IMS Software
Third Wave Systems customers will be able to model more machine tools within Production Module.

Third Wave Systems Production Module 7.0

NC Program Optimization Software with Library of 120 Material Models
Third Wave Systems will exhibit Production Module 7.0, designed to maximize the potential of current manufacturing processes and improve finished part quality in the aerospace, automotive, medical, heavy equipment, cutting tool, and oil and gas industries.

Third Wave Systems Receives Contract
The company will develop modeling technologies.

Updated NC Program Optimization Software Promotes Better Part Quality
Version 6.1 of Third Wave System’s Production Module NC program optimization software integrates physics-based workpiece material models, cutting tool geometries, CAD/CAM inputs and more.

GKN Aerospace’s Cedo Nedic

Savings from Sustainability
A project aimed at energy-efficient machining delivered production efficiencies, too.

Third Wave Announces Design for Manufacturing Research Project
Third Wave Systems is working to develop a new manufacturing-informed design paradigm as part of the United States Department of Energy’s $54 million Innovative Manufacturing Initiative (IMI). IMI is a national program unveiled in response to the Obama Administration’s blueprint for building lasting economic foundations.

Third Wave Consolidates Facilities
Third Wave Systems' has combined its productivity center and headquarters in Minnesota into a single facility.

Research Program Aims to Improve Gear Hobbing
Third Wave Systems (Minneapolis, Minnesota) has commenced a multi-faceted research program focused on streamlining and improving the gear-hobbing machining process.

Third Wave System's Production Module CAE software for toolpath analysis and optimization

Distortion, Deflection Prediction Capabilities Added to CAE Software
Part distortion and tool deflection are available as an upgrade to Third Wave System’s Production Module CAE software.

Software Adds 3D Modeling Capabilities
Several modeling capabilities have been added to version 5.8 of Third Wave Systems’ AdvantEdge FEM, a material-physics-based software designed to optimize metalcutting by providing machine process information about chip formation, temperatures, stresses and forces.

NC Program Optimization Software Displays Performance Indicators
Third Wave Systems offers Production Module version 5.9, an NC program optimization system that integrates workpiece material models, cutting tool geometries and machine dynamics to predict and display previously unattainable machining performance indicators.

Software Designed to Optimize Metal Cutting
Third Wave Systems’ AdvantEdge FEM version 5.7 is a predictive, material physics-based software solution designed to optimize metal cutting.

Third Wave Opens West Coast Office
Machine modeling software provider Third Wave Systems (Minneapolis, Minnesota) has opened a remote office in Los Angeles, California.

NC optimization software

Balanced Machining Is Faster Machining
NC program optimization software initially helped Bell Helicopter’s Drive Systems Center machine titanium faster by balancing cutting forces. The manufacturer now uses it to improve cycle times for aircraft parts made from other metals, too.

NC Optimization Software
Third Wave Systems’ Production Module version 5.8 process-analysis CAE software integrates workpiece material properties, CAD/CAM inputs and machine dynamics to map forces, temperatures and more. 

Software Facilitates Faster Production of F135 Component
Third Wave Systems (Minneapolis, Minnesota) says it has manufactured an F-135 engine component 2.4 times faster than the baseline standard using its physics-based process optimization software.

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