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Published: 3/26/2020

Xtra·tec XT M5008 Indexable High-Feed Milling Cutter
High-feed milling cutter in the diameter range of 5/8–2" permits high feed per tooth at low axial depths of cut. 

Published: 3/23/2020

Emuge's Innoform-Steel-M Taps Form Threads in Medium-Strength Steels
Emuge’s Innoform-Steel-M line of HSSE-PM taps are designed to form threads with improved surface quality while increasing static and dynamic thread strength.

Published: 3/20/2020

Suhner's EconoMaster Drilling Units Cut Various Light Materials
Suhner’s EconoMaster line of drilling units is designed for multiple materials such as light metal, wood, composite, plastic and foam.

Published: 3/18/2020

Tungaloy Adds Fracture-Resistant Guide Pads to DeepTri-Drill Line
Tungaloy’s DeepTri-Drill line of indexable deep hole drills now includes FH3135 grade guide pads.

Published: 3/18/2020

Monaghan Tooling's Top Speed Ring Reamer Enables Higher Feed Rates
Monaghan Tooling Group’s Top Speed Ring is a reamer designed to provide higher feed rates over traditional cutting rings.

Published: 3/10/2020

YG-1's Fiberglass Routers Designed for Manual, CNC Cutting
YG-1 offers a series of four solid carbide fiberglass routers designed to handle machining of fiberglass and other high-performance fibers.

Published: 2/17/2020

Walter USA's MC232 Perform Milling Cutter Increases Edge Stability
Walter USA’s MC232 Perform series of solid carbide milling cutters feature a corner radius and reduced neck.

Published: 1/28/2020

Kennametal's KOR 5 End Mill Enables Higher Feed Rates Roughing Aluminum
Kennametal’s KOR 5 solid carbide end mill is designed for high-speed aluminum roughing in aerospace applications.

Published: 1/20/2020

MC232 Perform Line of Solid Carbide Milling Cutters
The cutters have a corner radius for improved approaches, longer tool life, and greater edge stability.

Published: 12/23/2019

Big Kaiser Expands BBT30 Toolholder Offering
Big Kaiser has added inch standard sizes for the U.S. market to the production of its Big-Plus BBT30 basic arbors (shell mill holders, end mill holders, shrink fit and blanks).