Custom Macros Can Skip Holes After Replacing Broken Tools

Using “vacant” local variables enables CNC machinists to create custom macros that can target multiple types of machining work.

Unlock Your Capacity with Automation

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Voice Control of Machine Tools has Arrived

Voice interface technology has come of age and is now found on a wide variety of products such as phones, tablets, PCs, TV remotes and many other devices.  Why not on machine tools as well?

Methods Moves Chicago Technical Center to Gilberts

Methods Machine Tools has moved its Chicago Technical Center from Elgin, Illinois, to Gilberts, Illinois, saying the new facility will speed up repair and installation times.

Adjusting Feed Rate in Circular Motion Commands with G-Codes

While it is possible to calculate by hand adjustments to feed rate for circular milling operations, cutter radius compensation CNC programs streamline this process.      

Modifying Feed Rate for Circular Motion Commands

Maintaining a constant feed rate between linear and circular milling easily leads to chatter — for most applications, increase feed rate on external arcs and decrease it for internal.    

Okuma Launches Conversational Programming on Select Machines

Okuma has launched its Advanced One Touch-Interactive Graphics Function (AOT-IGF) conversational programming software on select machines, increasing usability and speeding up setup times.

Sodick Proprietary Linear Drives Maximize Machine Accuracy

Sodick’s K4HL CNC small hole drilling machine and AL G series die-sinker EDMs feature the company’s proprietary rigid linear motor drives for increased accuracy.

Save Time When Mounting Jaws on Three-Jaw Chucks

Precisely placing jaws on three-jaw chucks for CNC turning machines is difficult, but a laser pointer and clever programming can ease the issue.

America's Cutting Edge Offers Free Online CNC Course

America’s Cutting Edge (ACE), Oak Ridge National Laboratory and IACMI — The Composites Institute, has developed a free CNC training program.

Mazak VC-Ez 20 Provides Cost-Efficient Vertical Machining

Mazak’s VC-Ez 20 three-axis vertical machining center with onboard Mazatrol SmoothEz CNC offers an affordable, compact option for reliable, precise machining.

New Grinding Machine Utilizes Unique Kinematics

A novel grinding machine uses three rotary tables stacked off-center to provide full control over the grinding wheel’s X and Z axis, as well as its angular position, creating an unusual solution to grinding.

T Codes Simplify Tool Length Confirmation Process

CNC users can program custom macros and T codes to ensure cutting tools are the proper length for tool length compensation in machining centers.

Halter CNC Automation Adds Small-Footprint Halter Compact

Halter CNC Automation’s Halter Compact line of loading robots can load and unload up to a 26.45-pound payload while maintaining a small footprint.

Tormach xsTech and PathPilot Hub Enable Remote CNC Learning

Tormach’s xsTech provides a small, fully featured option for CNC machining, and is fully compatible with PathPilot Hub, Tormach’s free digital twin software.

SW GmbH Promises Improved User Experience With New CNC HMI

SW GmbH has debuted its CNC HMI, the C|one Control Panel. This multi-touch panel includes troubleshooting and program management enhancements.

Offline Glebar CNC Wheel Dresser Boosts Grinding Efficiency

Glebar Company has released its new, offline DM-9CNC Wheel Dresser, which offers CNC-based contour dressing for grinding wheels.

5 Common Mistakes When Using CNC Machines

Spend enough time on the shop floor and you will see some of the same mistakes time and again. 

Custom Control Adds Accuracy, Flexibility to New Machine Tool

A new boring-mill machine with a custom control is helping a shop hold tighter tolerances and accommodate rapid travel rates for faster machining.

FANUC and CNC Software Introduce Five-Axis Postprocessor

FANUC and CNC Software have launched a Mastercam postprocessor optimized for five-axis simultaneous contouring accuracy on FANUC CNC machines.

ANCA Announces Tool of the Year Winners

ANCA CNC Machines has declared ARCH Cutting Tool the overall winner of its third annual Tool of the Year competition. JG Group and Turcar Won the Virtual Tool Category.

7 CNC Parameters You Should Know

Parameters tell the CNC every little detail about the specific machine tool being used, and how all CNC features and functions are to be utilized.

CGTech's OptiPath and Force Modules Prove Complementary

The OptiPath and Force modules of CGTech’s Vericut software have improved programming and cycle times at Ultra Machining Company.