A Few Takeaways from a Visit to Japan

Learn about some of the machining technologies MMS editor Derek Korn saw last month in Japan as a guest of DMG MORI.


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Last month, DMG MORI invited me and other metalworking editors from around the world to visit its headquarters in Tokyo, its manufacturing campus in Iga and the Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF). Click through the photos above for a glimpse of what I saw during the trip.

A strong focus of DMG MORI’s JIMTOF booth, and the trade show in general, was on the Industrial Internet of Things, additive manufacturing and automation. While I was only at the show for part of a day, MMS editor Mark Albert was there longer. Here is his comprehensive report covering the range of technologies he spotted during his time at the show.

During my time at the show, I did get to see submissions from this year’s DMG MORI Cutting Dream contest, which is in its 12th edition. It is amazing how much time and effort shops put into these ingenious side projects. Perhaps we should incorporate a similar machining contest into our annual Top Shops benchmarking program and conference

One conspicuous new edition at Iga was a five-axis DMC 340 FD that features a 2.5-meter-diameter table and pallet pool and is used to machine large components such as columns and beds.

My hat is off to the DMG MORI organization for setting up this trip. It’s always nice to get a taste of machining technology in Japan.