Are You Ready for Next-Gen Aerospace Manufacturing?

In light of this week’s Paris Air Show, we’re preparing for the next generation of commercial aircraft programs with a new special edition collaboration from Modern Machine Shop, Additive Manufacturing and CompositesWorld.


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Learn more about the materials and processes that will shape next-generation aircraft in a collection of stories from Modern Machine Shop, Additive Manufacturing and CompositesWorld, available to read or download for free.

The commercial aerospace industry is poised for some exciting changes. As the industry prepares for a new round of major program launches, including a potential Boeing NMA (New Midsize Airplane), the question of which technologies, processes and materials will be used to accelerate aerospace manufacturing throughput and increase scalability for industrial suppliers is at the top of the entire industry’s mind.

MMS recently released a special edition, in collaboration with sister publications Additive Manufacturing and CompositesWorld, dedicated to the advanced materials and process that will likely play a role in Next-Gen Aerospace.

Topics include an additive manufacturing breakthrough in commercial aviation, tackling the aerospace supplier’s dilemma of scalability, automation and in-situ inspection as a necessity for next-generation aerospace and more. Watch this video produced by CompositesWorld to hear about various stories that will pique the interest of any machine shop producing aerospace components.