Can You Draw Seven Perpendicular Lines?

If you’ve ever been asked to do the impossible, or been treated like some kind of magician by those who don’t share your expertise, then this video is for you.


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Have you ever been the only machinist or engineer in the room? Have you ever been tasked with doing the impossible by someone who doesn’t understand the nature of the work? Have you ever experienced a conflict between the reality of your work and the goals or expectations of a customer or your employer?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” the comedy sketch above is well worth a watch, assuming you haven’t seen it already. Personally, I don’t relate to it, but my work brings me into contact with a great many people who could (in fact, one of them introduced me to this video in the first place during a recent shop visit). If I find it hilarious, I can only imagine the reaction of some of our readers, so I thought it was well worth spreading the laughs here on our blog. (The sketch was written and directed by Lauris Beinerts and is based on "The Meeting," a Russian-language short story by Alexey Berezin.)

While on the subject, it’s worth noting that there’s a new source of humor that ties directly into machining and manufacturing more generally. To learn more, check out this blog post from my colleague, Jedd Cole, on a new Web comic detailing the adventures of “Shop Floor Man.”