Getting Acquainted with Scott Fosdick

Scott is the new head of Market Region Americas for GF Machining Solutions, the brand that includes Agie Charmilles (EDM and laser texturing), Mikron (high-performance milling), System 3R (automation and tooling) and Leichti (five-axis milling machine for blades and blisks) and Step-Tec (machine tool spindles). I had the opportunity to meet Scott and get acquainted at the company’s Open House “Solutions Days” last week. Here is my report.


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Scott Fosdick is the new head of Market Region Americas for GF Machining Solutions, which is headquartered in Lincolnshire (Chicagoland), Illinois. Scott was appointed to this position in March 2015, taking over for former region president Glynn Fletcher. I had the opportunity to meet Scott and get acquainted at the company’s “Solutions Days” open house June 17-19. He hosted a breakfast for visiting members of the metalworking press on the first day of the event. 

Although this was my first time to meet Scott, I am familiar with the GF Machining Solutions brand and the technology labels it represents. These include Agie Charmilles (EDM and laser texturing), Mikron (high-performance milling), System 3R (automation and workholding), Leichti (five-axis milling machines designed to produce blades and blisks for aircract engines and power generating turbines) and Step-Tec (machine tool spindles for moldmaking, production and aerospace). Scott, I learned, certainly knows these products, especially the Agie Charmilles line, from his long stint with Agie Charmilles in technical service in Japan, and then as head service manager for Asia. He also served as president of Agie Charmilles South China for a number of years. Starting in May 2013, he was Market Segment Manager for Aerospace and Automotive in Asia, before his recent promotion to the top position in the Americas region. It is safe to say he understands GF Machining Solutions’ technology from the inside out.

Scott briefly discussed his vision for the direction GF Machining Solutions is taking as manufacturing evolves in this region, particularly in the United States. For example, the growing shortage of skilled machinists and moldmakers is creating a demand for a technical partnership in which his company can provide a comprehensive solution, not simply supply machine tools. The company is stepping up its involvement with training programs at schools and universities, he said. Likewise, there is growing interest in complete solutions for specific, dedicated applications such as turbine blade machining with EDM and tire mold production. Service and support remains a high priority. Manufacturers with production facilities located around the world want service and support at an equally high level everywhere so that local operations such as moldmaking are consistently supported across the board. Scott also noted that the emerging industrial internet of things and trend to data-driven manufacturing are accelerating the company’s development of intelligent sensors, tracking and monitoring software and MTConnect-enabled capabilities.

Of course, breakfast with Scott was only the beginning of my visit to the Lincolnshire headquarters. The day also included a thorough tour of the company’s showroom and demo area, where the range of machining solutions was well represented. The slideshow presents the highlights of this tour, at least the ones I was able to catch with my camera.

Some key things that were reinforced during my tour are worth mentioning. The company's line of high-performance Mikron milling machines is remarkably broad and likely deserves more attention for high-end applications. This is tough because the wire and sinker EDMs, and now the laser texturing machines, can steal the show when exhibited alongside the milling machines. 

However, seeing them together is important because these are complementary technologies, especially for mold makers. Nonetheless, the Mikron milling machines are stars in their own right, serving demanding applications in aerospace, medical, dental and electronics where proficiency in five-axis machining is required. No doubt the most specialized of the offerings demonstrated during this customer event was the technology from Leichti Engineering, the Swiss firm that GF Machining Solutions acquired in 2014. Leichti Engineering is a leading developer of five-axis milling machine for the blades and blisks relied on by manufacturers of aircraft engines and power generating turbines.

I'm glad to know Scott now, and glad to know GF Machining Solutions even better.