Data-Driven Manufacturing

Data-driven manufacturing implies that decisions controlling the manufacturing process should be based on facts, not guesses, wishes, theories or opinions. Emerging technology is enabling both people and equipment to collect and process the facts they need to achieve better results. Driving manufacturing with data promotes integration and coherence across manufacturing organizations throughout the supply chain. 

Oqton's FactoryOS artificial intelligence (AI)-driven factory operating system helps ensure supports are printed only where needed for the geometry of a part produced via additive manufacturing.

AI Makes Shop Networks Count

AI assistance in drawing insights from data could help CNC machine shops and additive manufacturing operations move beyond machine monitoring.    

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Collaborative Robots Learn to Collaborate

Accessible 3D vision unlocks the potential of machine learning for making our autonomous partners more humanlike.

New Product Announcements

Scytec DataXchange Accounts for Planned Downtime

Version 2019.01.15 of Scytec’s DataXchange machine monitoring system, available from Shop Floor Automations, incorporates new features based on user feedback. 

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