Digital "Fingerprints" Put Twins in Perspective

Unique identifiers keep the digital thread intact through design, production and quality control.

Unlock Your Capacity with Automation

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Voice Control of Machine Tools has Arrived

Voice interface technology has come of age and is now found on a wide variety of products such as phones, tablets, PCs, TV remotes and many other devices.  Why not on machine tools as well?

Starrett's Datasure 4.0 Streamlines Data Acquisition

The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced its Datasure 4.0 system, which uses new wireless technology to provide swift, secure transfer of measurement data.

LK Metrology's Metrology Gate Provides Remote Reports

LK Metrology has launched Metrology Gate, a web-based Industry 4.0 solution for monitoring and controlling inspection activities.

IMCO ToolBot Resource Individually Tailors Feeds and Speeds

IMCO’s free, online ToolBot resource uses simple parameters to optimize users’ carbide end mill feeds and speeds.

Datanomix Fusion Maximizes J&W Swiss Machine's Efficiency

Datanomix’s Fusion software led J&W Swiss Machine to a 13% increase in cycle-time conformance and a 1.5 day improvement on its on-time delivery.

HCL's MINTVIZOR Analytics Software Emphasizes Usability

HCL Technologies has launched its cloud-based manufacturing analytics solution MINTVIZOR, which it believes will prove cost-effective and user-friendly even to Industry 4.0-wary companies.

Simulation Gets Real

Capability to generate something close to a true digital twin can significantly improve confidence in CAM program prove-outs.

How to Choose an ERP System for Your Data-Driven Machine Shop

Manufacturers with an ERP system in place should re-evaluate the system as the essential forerunner of and foundation for emerging data-driven manufacturing concepts.

Communication Clears Machine Monitoring's Morale Hurdles

When pen-and-paper methods of tracking job efficiency left AccuRounds’ engineers and managers in the dark, the shop switched to MachineMetrics. But machine monitoring brought morale challenges along with it. 
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Voice Control of Machine Tools has Arrived

Voice interface technology has come of age and is now found on a wide variety of products such as phones, tablets, PCs, TV remotes and many other devices.  Why not on machine tools as well?

What Makes Smart Robots Smart?

How manufacturing technology “thinks,” and the extent to which it should, are critical considerations in applying artificial intelligence intelligently.

Using AI for Predictive Maintenance, Employee Development

Maximo from IBM Watson can use "true AI" software to implement predictive maintenance and AR-assisted repair using the sensors that come standard on CNC machine tools.

5 Best Practices for Manufacturing Cybersecurity

A Department of Defense (DoD) push to protect data by vetting suppliers more thoroughly illuminates how any CNC machining business can improve. 

Marposs' IPC4 Compact Panel Resists Water and Dust

Marposs’ IPC4 compact operator panel for the Artis Genior family of modular machine monitoring systems features water- and dust-resilience to withstand difficult environments.

Verisurf 2020 Improves Reverse Engineering Workflows

With Verisurf 2020, users can manage CMMs, collect data from 3D scans, perform 3D CAD and Class-A surface modeling, and verify finished parts, according to the company.  

Heidenhain StateMonitor 1.3.0 Improves CNC Connectivity

The Heidenhain StateMonitor 1.3.0 software upgrade simplifies data viewing and control process evaluation for CNC manufacturers remotely and in real time, and is compatible with both Heidenhain and non-Heidenhain controls.

All Top Shops Are Winners

Standing out in one category is not enough to earn a spot among the highest-performing CNC machining businesses.
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TDM Systems Software Update Increases Machining Efficiency

The TDM Global Line 2020 release is designed to give users greater transparency regarding their tooling costs and key figures through individually configurable TDM Global Line dashboards. 

Digital Manufacturing Comes of Age

As digital manufacturing technology matures more metalworking shops are finding proven and practical applications that provide real value.

Talk About 5G Is No Idle Chatter

Near-real-time machining vibration compensation is just one advantage of the latest networking technology.

TST Tooling Software Technology Offers ERP Software for Moldmakers

IMTS Spark: TSTracker is an enterprise and resource planning software designed to streamline shopfloor processes and enable job tracking.