3 Perspectives on Machine Monitoring

A panel discussion at the recent Top Shops Conference focused on various points of view regarding the value of connecting machine tools to a network for monitoring performance and recording results. Because machine monitoring helps a shop make better decisions about manufacturing processes, it is a good example of data-driven manufacturing in action.

Screenshot of operator view of OPS

Mapping the Optimal Path for Machinists

Using data from machine monitoring systems and CNC programs, OPS calculates the most efficient path for operators to take across the shop floor, improving uptime and increasing machines per operator.

Want The Basics?

TST Tooling Software Technology Offers ERP Software for Moldmakers

IMTS Spark: TSTracker is an enterprise and resource planning software designed to streamline shopfloor processes and enable job tracking.

Visual Knowledge Share Enables Creation of Paperless SOPs, Work Instructions

IMTS Spark: Visual Knowledge Share (VKS) offers work instruction software designed to enable shops to become more lean and ready for Industry 4.0.

Freedom IOT's Smart Manufacturing Platform Available in Modular Plans

Freedom IOT’s Smart Manufacturing Platform, consisting of multiple modules, is designed to connect industrial assets of any brand, age or process and collect data into reports accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Universal Robots Works with Software Company on OPC UA Standardization

Rocketfarm’s URCap software translates information from the UR robot to OPC UA-compatible information.

ShopFloorConnect 6.0 Collects Data from All Machines for OEE Reporting

IMTS Spark: Version 6.0 of Wintriss Controls Group’s ShopFloorConnect OEE and shopfloor data collection software gathers downtime and production efficiency data from every machine.

Siemens Manage MyMachines Offers Entry-Level CNC Machine Monitoring

Siemens’ Manage MyMachines is a cloud-based platform as a service enabling full tracking of machine kinematics as well as production data.

TDM Systems' Global Line 2019 Software Combines Workflow, Tracking Capabilities

With the new release of TDM Global Line 2019, TDM Systems offers many of the functions of its core solution.

DMG MORI's WERKBLiQ Platform Streamlines Production Maintenance Management

DMG MORI’s WERKBLiQ platform is designed to simplify and streamline maintenance processes in production.

Caron's DTect-IT Sensor and Software Suite Capable of Various Machine Monitoring Applications

Caron Engineering’s DTect-IT, originally designed only for vibration detection, is now capable of communicating with multiple sensors, including vibration, strain (measuring force), high-precision power and analog.

NUMmonitor Software Enables Monitoring of Transfer and Multi-Process Machines

NUM’s NUMmonitor software is said to enable users of multi-process CNC machine tools such as transfer machines to implement process monitoring without incurring additional hardware costs. 

GF Machining Solutions' rConnect Dasboard Collects, Compares Shop Data

GF Machining Solutions has introduced rConnect, a digital services platform powered by Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) protocol.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Building New Canada HQ

Hexagon will consolidate all its Manufacturing Intelligence businesses in eastern Canada into the central location in Toronto. 

Wintriss Controls Group’s ShopFloorConnect Version 6.0 Reduces Machine Downtime

Wintriss Controls Group’s ShopFloorConnect Version 6.0 collects downtime and production efficiency data from every machine in manufacturing operations, displays it in real time and produces manufacturing reports, including overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) reports.

The LNS E-Connect Enables Automatic Changeover

The LNS e-Connect Ethernet communications system enables bi-directional data sharing between CNC machine tools and LNS bar feeders.

MachineMetrics Automates Collection of Real-Time Machine Data

EMO 2019:  MachineMetrics is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform designed specifically for discrete manufacturing.

Siemens' AnalyzeMyWorkpiece /Monitor Enables Process-Parallel Quality Control

EMO 2019: Siemens expands its software portfolio for machine tools with AnalyzeMyWorkpiece /Monitor, which enables continuous monitoring of workpiece production in machine tools.

Marposs’ GEMCMS-02 Monitors for Collisions, Mitigates Crash Damage

Marposs’ Genior Modular GEMCMS-02 is a compact machine monitoring system designed to identify the potential for machine tool component collisions and crash damage.

Mitsubishi Electric's Integrated Machine Analytics App Monitors Multiple Machines

Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Integrated Machine Analytics (IMA) mobile application allows users to monitor their CNC machines through MTConnect, an open standard that makes universal equipment connectivity possible.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Breaks Ground on Expanded Detroit-Area Facilities

Expanding Hexagon’s presence in the Midwest, the Center of Excellence is expected to support advanced manufacturing in the region.

NIMS Partnering with Festo to Develop Industry 4.0 Skill Credentials

“We are hopeful to have the standards identified and the training program in place by the end of 2019,” says Montez King, executive director of NIMS.

Scytec DataXchange Accounts for Planned Downtime

Version 2019.01.15 of Scytec’s DataXchange machine monitoring system, available from Shop Floor Automations, incorporates new features based on user feedback.